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"Joseph Martin's Quest Tarot images are vivid and exciting, a wonderful new addition to Tarot possibilities. With inspiration from ancient and modern Tarot spiritual traditions, they invite us to journey with them into exciting new territories."

--Racheal Pollack, tarot author

(award winning Author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom, The Forest of Souls, and creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot, and many others)

"Once upon a time, in a land far away, a gentle sleeper dreamed visions for you of raw power and universal potentials. Use this deck to see into alternate realities, access forces prior to manifestation, and create change before it appears in the tangible. This is a deck for explorers of magical planes and realms."

--Mary K. Greer, tarot author

(Author of Tarot For Your Self, Tarot Reversals, and many others)

"The Quest Tarot is one of the most spectacular and gorgeous tarot series I've seen in a long time. Vivid and visionary, I imagine this as the perfect deck to take along on an interstellar vacation."

--Brian Williams, tarot author

(Artist and author of Renaissance Tarot, Minchiate Tarot, Ship of Fools Tarot, and many others)

"Joseph Ernest Martin’s Quest Tarot and companion book (The Compass Guide to The Quest Tarot) brings us a lovely, rich new addition to the tarot world... The pictures themselves are luminous, colorful and detailed... (this) set is a wonderfully exuberant addition to tarot’s growing family "

--Leah Samul, tarot author

(Author of the book: Wisdom in the Cards, The companion book to the Hudes Tarot)


... succeeds admirably in its goal ... should hold the interest of the more experienced reader as well.

--Aeclectic Tarot Forum & Review

Also, at they have the Quest Tarot available for "web" readings. This is in their Members Only area so you'll have to be a member, but, as you can see, more and more people are enjoying and using the Quest Tarot. Click on the image on the left to see a screen shot from their website.

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