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All guides have information on both sides. They are a convenient smaller size that fits into a bag or you can easily keep them with the deck. They are sealed in a crystal clear, 5 mil weight, rounded corner, durable laminate that keeps the reference cards clean and usable. If they get soiled ...just wipe them with a damp cloth and they'll be clean once again.

The guides make it easy and fun to use the deck. No more thumbing through the book to remind yourself of the different features.

Descriptions of each guide:

The Magical Alphabet Reference Guide: This guide has the alphabet that was used in the creation of the Quest Tarot. You can see the authors name on the Chariot Card in this letter style. Use this guide to write cryptic messages or in your "Book of Shadows".

The Astrology Symbols and Planets Reference Guide: This guide shows all the Planet Symbols used in the deck, plus the Astrological references. A few symbols have been slightly modified for use in the Quest Tarot.

The Gemstones Reference Guide: This guide is our most popular guide! It shows all the beautiful stones used in the deck in glorious color. You'll love having this one handy when you use the deck.

The Hebrew Letters Reference Guide: Learning the ancient Hebrew letters was once hard, but not so with this easy to see learning aid. If you study the Kabalah you'll enjoy having this guide.

The IChing Reference Guide: Probably one of the most useful guides in the set. This IChing guide makes it easy to identify and find the meanings to the 64 hexagrams of the "Book of Changes". Easy to see page number references help you to quickly locate the Hexagram description in the book. This is a great tool to learn the symbols.

The People Reference Guide: You see the indicators in full color featured on this guide. It's an easy to see way to identify the people that may come up in your readings.

The Tarot Poker Reference Guide: Have you ever just wanted to have a litlle fun with your deck? Exclusive to the Quest Tarot... you can play Tarot Poker! This guide gives you the easy to understand rules for the game. On the back of the guide you'll see the ways the different hands are ranked. Keep this guide next to you during the game. You'll have the time of your life playing Quest Tarot Poker.

The Runes Reference Guide: The Runic Alphabet has many variations. Use this guide to view and use the runes used in the Quest Tarot. Each rune symbol is in full color and easily identified. You get short descriptions on the back of the card with page number references to easily and quickly locate a longer description in the book.

The Theban Script Reference Guide: Sometimes called the "Witches" script. This ancient alphabet is widely popular and used to write letters, spells, incantations, or just messages you wish to keep secret. Fun to have and made easy to use, this guide gives you the fast track to using this beautiful alphabet.

The Fortelling Timelines Reference Guide: Usually Astrology is the way in which we decern time and fortune. With an amazingly easy to use "Time" feature in the Quest Tarot, you can apply this guides formula to decern if there is a timeline present in the reading and when the timeline applies to the seeker. This guide is a quick reference with written reminders. The procedure is simple and easy. The formula is in black ink, the reminders in blue ink and the visual aids in color. Though this may look like alot. You will find that using this guide is fast and easy.

The Yes/No Reference Guide: This is a new feature showing itself for the first time in the Quest Tarot. You can use the Court Cards in the deck like you would a Quija Board. Any simple question can be answered. This guide shows you the "keys" to the answers.

The Chakras Reference Guide: This guides shows the classic 7 chakras plus the additional 8th Chakra point. The back of the guide explains the point location, color, body organ, spiritual path, and other facts about each individual point.

   The Lovers Weave Spread Reference Guide: This is a brand new spread and didn't make it in the book. The weave is a cross between Tarot and Origami. You'll love this new guide. This spread was introduced at PantheaCon to a packed house and they loved it.

   The Celtic Cross Spread Reference Guide: This classic spread is revised and edited to be a "fast" reminder for your readings. I've used this spread for years on the Psychic Fair circuit and people really seem to love it. You'll love how easy this guide makes reading the cross.

   The Quest Tarot Spread Reference Guide: This is also a brand new spread in Tarot. Designed specifcally for the Quest Deck, though it can be used with any deck, the Quest spread incorporates two ways to read this spread. A fast version and a Turbo Charged Version. Each way is explained on this colorful guide.


If you have an idea for a guide you think would be useful... let me know and I'll get working on it right away. These guides came about because of the input from people who are using the Quest Tarot.





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