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Show Paranormal Connection with Host Danna Wilberg
will be available soon on the web. FaceBook, Youtube, Here and on Vimeo.

Mix Talk Radio on the Web
Kenny Kingston Pic

Joseph on the The Psychic World of Kenny Kingston Radio Show

Currently working on getting the show link

Today it's not so unusual to be a psychic/medium. But there is a man who paved the way for the current crop of psychics – who was involved in spiritualism long before today's trend. That man is legendary celebrity psychic/medium Kenny Kingston. It was a delight to be on his show and spend some amazing time with this talended and gifted man.

Mix Talk Radio Website

Clyde Lewis

Joseph on the GROUND ZERO Radio Show

Archive of show to be posted on Friday, June 24th

Clyde Lewis a powerful voice in the field of the new knowledge. He is the creator and host of Ground Zero, a talk radio show dealing with paranormal and para-political topics that has existed in various formats since 1995. In 1999 Ground Zero Radio was nationally syndicated in several major cities in the United States.

GroundZero Radio Website

Listen to GroundZero

GroundZero Chatroom

Tarot Guild
Dax Carlisle

Joseph on the Tarot Today Radio Show

What a GREAT show Host! Dax Carlisle was absolutely delightful and the 2 hours just flew by... This is a guy who loves Tarot! I truly had a great time. The Tarot Guild and Tarot Today provide an incredible forum for people who love divination and tarot. Take the time to hear this show. We talked about UFOs, Government, Readings.

ARCHIVE of Show Page on Blog Talk Radio

Tarot Guild Main Page

Link to Audio Page of Show on Blog Talk Radio

Joseph on the Cheryln Radio Show

Psychic Ability and Tarot... The show went so FAST! We took questions from the listeners and talked about the tarot. It was a fun hour and you can listen to it in archive.

ARCHIVE of Show Page

Achieve Radio Main Page

Link to Audio Page of Show


"NEW DVDs Released and NEW Movie Interviews"... A wonderful new series of DVDs by Joseph Ernest Martin on the Tarot. Click to the right to see the movies. PLUS two interviews with Joseph. Take a moment to see these new videos..... here first!!!!

You can also just go to YouTube and search: Joseph Ernest Martin.

Just Added .... !!! More shows: Journey into the Paranormal and The Patricia Fuqua Show, The Tazz and Paula Show and coming are the NEW Paranormal Connection shows.



with Actor: "John Heard"... They cast me as an "extra" for the movie "Two Mothers" filmed in Oakland, California. Pictured here is actor John Heard with me (Wow). You may have seen him in the movie: "Beaches" with Bette Midler, he player her boyfriend. I was cast in two different rolls. Click below to see more.

Click here to go to the John Heard Movie page

John Heard

"Dannion Brinkley "... Amazing author of "Saved by the Light" and others. They even made a TV movie about his life. His first book sold over 13 million copies worldwide. Click below to go to his page.

Click here to go to his page

dannion brinkley

"Lisa Williams from the Lifetime Channel "... Lisa gave an amazing talk at the New Living Expo this year. Her show: Life among the Dead" is a hit on the lifetime channel and they are filming her second season. If you get a chance to see this wonderful woman... do it.

Click here to go to her page

"Denise Crosby from Star Trek the Next Generation"... Looks like the stars shine... Denise is such a great person. Click on the picture to the right to go to her page and get a little more information about her and this wonderful event where we met and talked.

Click here to go to her page

Denise Crosby

The Tarot-to-Go Podcast "... Look to the menu to the left of the home page of their website to go to the Podcast area... Joseph Ernest Martin on the Quest Tarot is now available for download, on the net or to your iPod.

To go to the here
To hear the show in your here

Tarot to Go

Quest Tarot CARDS go "Interactive"... Incorporating some of the newest web technology, you can see the major arcana in an interactive way. You can see the cards enlarged and in a detailed form that is exposing more of the subtle magic of the cards.... then you can see in the printed version. Take a look. It's wild.

To see the interactive here

Dean Haglund

Joseph Ernest Martin and Dean Haglund (from the X-Files) at the UFO Expo West in San Francisco, CA

Dean is a great guy and very talented. He performed at the Speaker's Banquet at the UFO show and had every rolling in the isles with laughter. You may remember Dean as one of the "Lone Gunman." His hair was longer for the show and he wore glasses.... but I'm sure you remember his wonderful character.

Click here.

Fair Photos 2006

The 2008 Pictures don't have the town information working yet. As soon as I can figure that out I'll repost the photos with, town, date, and person information. In the meantime you can enjoy seeing the different sites.

Fair Photos 2008

See the NEW Photos for last year 2008.

Over 434 new photos of the fairs, events and co-workers

Joseph Martin on APSR Radio. Click on the button to the right to hear the radio interview streaming live from the web.

...more about the here

...more about APSR here

APSR Radio

Quest Tarot Podcast on Today's Tarot Click on the button to the right to hear the podcast interview all about the Quest Tarot.

To hear the here

To learn more about Today's here

Today's Tarot

Quest Tarot Award WINNER! Yes, The International New Age Tradeshow and the Coalition of Visionary Resources has just awarded Joseph Ernest Martin its highest honor for Best New Age Interactive Product of the Year. This special award is given at the Denver show each year to highlight the best in the New Age Industry.

More to come on this shortly.....

To learn more about INATS here

To learn more about COVR here

Find out about my over160 pound weight loss. This has changed my life.

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New Reference guides

What if your house was haunted. Bravo's new TV Show "HouseBusters" takes three hosts that go through the house and make recommendations for a spiritual remodel. They did a casting call and I was chosen as one of the finalists. If I get it I'll be working on Bravo. But even if I don't get in it is such an honor to make it down to one of the last 50 people to get an "On-Camera Test" for the network.

UPDATE: They shot the Pilot. But currently the show has not been scheduled for release. I didn't make the top 3 but Bravo did film my reading on an apartment in San Francisco, California. As I find out more I'll let you know.

New Reference guides The Lastest NEW Guides are here! See the latest new guides for the Quest Tarot! Most of the guides can be used with any Tarot Deck you own. Chakras and The Lovers Weave Spread have just come back from the printer and are now available. You can get them seperately or as a whole set. Take a look at whats new. click on the image to the left.

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