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Joseph Ernest Martin with Psychic Medium Lisa Williams from the Lifetime Channel.

Lisa and I met at the Largest New Age Show on the west coast... The New Living Expo. She is a warm and genuine person. She even came by my booth to say hello. Below is some information about her and you can click on the picture to link to the Lifetime network to see her show.

From seeing spirits since age four to communicating with celebs in the afterlife, Lisa Williams spills all regarding her supernatural experiences.
by Gina DiNunno

Lifetime: When did you realize you had this ability to speak to the dead?
Williams: I didn't realize until my late teens, but I actually had my first experience at four years old, when I saw a man who had died. I just figured everyone had this ability!

Lifetime: How did you react when you started to understand not everyone had this gift?
Williams: Well, I was never really scared because my grandmother had this ability. She used to tell me I was special and would eventually do what she did, so I was always open to it. I didn't say anything when I got my first premonitions and such, because I didn't want to be singled out and get picked on at school!

Lifetime: When did you decide to embrace your psychic talents?
Williams: I had a psychic reading at 18, which gave me confidence about it. Then at 22 I started playing around with tarot cards. I gave my first proper reading at 24, to a friend of mine. What I told her blew her away because of its accuracy — right down to the name of the girl her partner was cheating on her with!

Lifetime: Can you explain what happens during one of your encounters with the dead?
Williams: When I'm about to give a reading, I feel the energy change — it's as though I get the chills. I start to see what I call energy blobs of light, which are spirits coming forward. Then in my head I hear a voice, and I begin to see what the spirit physically looked like before passing. From there, I use all my senses to pick up the sensory information — images, tastes, smells, sounds and sensations — that the spirit projects.

Joseph Martin at the New Living Expo I'll be at the New Living Expo this year giving readings and as a Special VIP Guest.

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