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Luminous figures in ethereal dreamscapes surrounded by enchanting symbols and enigmatic keywords. Part of The Quest Tarot's allure is its mystery. The diaphanous beauty of this deck lies in putting it all together and realizing that each piece is part of an ever-changing cosmograph.

The Compass is your guide to navigating the symbols, systems, and structures of this unique set of glyphs. The Quest Tarot retains the insightful framework of traditional Tarot decks, with a few innovative twists. The addition of the "Multiverse" card links the Major Arcana to a myriad of dimensions, while the court cards have been renamed and reordered: Mother (Queen), Father (King) Daughter (Page), and Son (Knight).

Inside this companion book you'll find detailed interpretations for each aspect of the cards. New timeline indicators help you go beyond a standard reading, pinpointing when a desired change may be anticipated. You'll learn how to use the new dagger feature to answer simple yes-or-no questions, allowing you to use this deck right away even if you've never held a deck of Tarot cards before. You've got questions - now begin your quest for answers.


All aspects of the deck are explained in easy to understand, plain english. No guesswork here.

You'll find the references to the Gemstones shown on the cards, as well as the IChing symbols, Astrological references, Hebrew letters, yes/no indicators, timelines, seasons, runes, and more.

If you wish you can use the eye, hair and skin color symbols to see into who is involved in the question.

Also included are descriptions of how to play party games with the deck. You can play Tarot Poker! Which is actually quite fun with the 80 cards included. Plus other interactive games!

New spreads and much more are in the book. You are really going to love this new deck and book set. Click on the above button to go to the order page.

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