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Over the past two years I've had so many people ask me about my weight loss that I've decided to share with you some of the details of this dramatic change in my life.

I had gastric bypass surgery. This is not for everyone. There are side effects to consider that you may not wish to experience. For me, though, it was the only answer. After years of struggling with my weight I decided to have the procedure performed.

So far I've lost 150 pounds. Who would have thought! You can see current pictures of me at the photo area of the website (PHOTOS Click here) It took a year and a half to lose the weight and I've had it off for around 2 years now. I maintain my size by still keeping to a food plan and I exercise 3-4 times each week. The surgery is only a tool. It is not a cure. But it is the best tool I've ever had.

The day of surgery I weighed 328 pounds. Though not my highest weight; I stopped weighing myself after I broke the 300 pound mark. My home scale wouldn't read past 300 pounds. I worked to lose a little weight before surgery and it wasn't until I was in the hospital that I knew what I weighed.

The surgery is quite major. They re-route your intestines and they reduced my stomach from 80 ounces to 8 ounces. There is also a band around the top of my stomach to increase the sensation of feeling full when eating. The ring is not pictured here. Below is an artists rendition of the surgical procedure.

As you can see the stomach is transected with staples on each side. The new stomach is quite small. The larger stomach remains to deliver its digestive juices. This is called a Vertical-Ring Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y Gastro-Jujunostomy. There are many variations of this procedure. Some work better than others. Do your own research first before seeing a doctor and talk with post-op patients about their experiences.

I researced this for 6 months before making my decision. There are some resources on the web. Find your local support group and go.... to find out the "real deal".

To find out more about this procedure you can contact: Dr. Jamshid Nazarian, 310-854-1174. Or go to their website at: and research this yourself. You also can email their Program Manager, Rick Mark at: Folks can call them, toll free, at 877-558-5483.

This procedure is only for people that are 100 pounds or more overweight and as evaluated by a doctor. People who are genetically heavy do much better with this procedure than those who are psychologically heavy. Your doctor can help you determine which you are.

Feel free to email me anytime about this or anything else. I do travel a lot so sometimes it can take a week or so for me to get back to you.

yours in the cards,




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